Enough Is Enough….

Its always great to meet someone you get along with.. a friend, a partner, whoever it may be..

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It’s great to find someone you can laugh with, share your thoughts with and occasionally be vulnerable with…

Let’s be honest, it’s an amazing feeling to meet someone that you feel truly cares for you and understands you…

But… sometimes, unfortunately, things happen, people change, or you figured out that you didn’t really know them, to begin with…


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You missed some signs along the way…

As a result, your impression of them and the relationship or friendship changes. You start to question everything, even yourself…

In spite of that, sometimes because of your feelings towards them or a situation you start to make excuses.

Excuses to why this and that is happening, “maybe it’s me?”, “they’re just going through something”, “but he/she is a nice person, they’re just having a bad day”…

And the excuses keeps coming and coming until you find yourself not even noticing that something is wrong in the relationship…

I am not an expert in relationships but I do know that the road is not always so smooth, why? well because people are different, they come from different backgrounds, they have been raised differently from you, their ideas wants, future plans, beliefs etc. I could try to explain more but we will be here for a long time and we don’t want that haha.

Nevertheless one of the many things that are needed a relationship or friendship is trust, understanding, respect and compromise…

As a result, I have come to realise that you can’t force it.. like the saying goes “sometimes love just isn’t enough”. Same goes to friendships, you may care and have love for your friend but if both of you can’t seem to get it right together, then let it go…

Does it mean you’re a bad person? Does it mean both of you are bad people? Does it mean you’re a quitter?..

No! It just means, enough is enough…

You can’t always force someone to be in life, or force the relationship because it will only cause issues for you further down.

Sometimes in life, ours journeys with some people should only last for a moment but somehow we confuse that for a lifetime.

The writing may be on the wall that this friendship or relationship could become toxic but somehow we allow ourselves be blinded by our emotions that we eventually compromise.

Nonetheless, it can stop but only when you want it to stop .. You need to realise by yourself when you’ve had enough.

You need to know when enough is enough.

Just remember that if that person is out of your life, it’s for the best. However, make sure you are at peace.

It is never a bad idea to still care for that person or wish them well. (From a distance maybe haha)

Life is too short to waste your time on something that doesn’t work, and won’t work.

And always remember that God will give you the strength and the ability to see what it is that you have to do in order to move on and move forward.

“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak”  Isaiah 40:29 

“But you, LORD, do not be far from me. You are my strength; come quickly to help me”  Psalm 22:19 


Until Next Time,

Stay Blessed,

Tosin xo


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